15 months with my Evo 29er

15 months ago I purchased an Evo 29er for commuting to and form work here in Auckland. A distance of approximately 7km each way.
In the time I've had the bike I've had the following issues

In the first 4 months of ownership I had recurring power loss issues which the shop I bought the bike from tried to fix many times but couldn't find the cause of the problem. Eventually they replaced the bike with a new one.
The replacement bike suffered from the common issue of sticky contacts on the back of the LCD screen which would cause a temporary power loss each time a button on the LCD was pressed to change power up or down. This would result in an error 14 . My bike shop sent me a new LCD and all was good again for a couple of weeks until.....
I started suffering spoke issues, so far I have had four spokes break all on the rear wheel drive side. The supplier have been unable to source any 13g spokes of the correct length here in NZ so have replaced the spokes with 14g ones. They contacted BH and were quoted US$9 per spoke +international shipping to NZ which sounded like a joke.
I've had to replace the pedals because the bearings rusted out.
I've had to fix a stuck piston on the hydraulic brakes.
I'm now experiencing random power loss again which the bike shop have tried to fix a couple of times but it is still happening. They now think it may be a fault with the battery and so today sent me a new battery to test to see if it fixes the issue.
(just have to give a bigs thumbs up to the bike shop for trying hard to fix the bike's issues)

When the bike goes it is awesome to ride and it looks great but.... The amount if time it has spent back with the bike shop is extremely frustrating, especially as I use it for commuting.

Is this typical or have I just been unlucky? I'd expect a bike that costs over NZ$4k to be a bit less problematic.