15T chainring for Haibike Bosch CX system


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I have a 2017 Haibike HardSeven 6.0 which is a Boost spaced bike (27.5x3.0 tires, 148x12 rear thru-axle). The stock 18T chainring is simply not small enough. I have a 15T Connex sprocket, but because of the boost spacing, Haibike has a special chainring that spaces the sprocket out 5-8mm for the proper chainline. The Connex sprocket sits too close to the motor to get a proper chainline.

Does anyone know where I can get the proper 5-8mm spacer to use the Connex chainring? Or, does anyone know if Haibike or Miranda make a 15T chainring equivalent to the 18T with built-in spacer that came with the bike? Part numbers?

I found a UK ebike shop online that describes the issue, which is shared by a couple of other manufacturers, but that shop explicitly says they won't order a chainring unless you bought the bike from them? Whatever.