'16 Sduro All Mtn rc, mini usb for iphone 6 recharging? what's widest tires I can swap in?

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Hi fellas,

I recently bit the bullet and bought a 2016 model on a closeout sale.
I'm waiting for the bike to get to the bike shop and have it ready, maybe few days after Thanksgiving.

Anyone know if the mini usb port on the left handlebar can be used to charge an iphone 6s?

Anyone know what's the widest tire that can go on the 27.5" wheels?
I think the tires shipping with it are 2.3" wide.

I want to get as wide a tire as possible. A wide tire that I can still lower the pressures when out on sandy trails, that I would have setup as tubeless.

I know the 2017 model bikes are gonna come with 2.8" wide tires, so I know I'm missing out on that.
I just had to jump when I got the end of year deal....

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A quick google search did not reveal any cables that would go mini usb to lightning directly. But there are USB to mini USB adapters available and you would use your regular cable at that point.

I doubt the bike will go a lot wider, perhaps up to 2.5 at the most. I find that wider rims, up to 35mm, with 2.3 tires allows one to run much lower psi. I use that method because I don't like the steering aspect of wide low pressure tires @ 15psi. Tire width is not as critical in my experience for use in loose soils as low pressure, not matter how you get there. It means changing out the rims however which is costly. If you plan on going tubeless you probably will be able to run in the low 20's with the 2.3's on the stock rims which may be all you need?

Half the fun of getting a new bike is setting it up for your preferences after you have lived with it for a bit to find out just what those are. Have fun with your new bike!

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I got a mini USB male to regular usb female adapter. My iPhone 6s white cord wire plug goes right into that adapter that then plugs into the mini USB port.

And viola.

The iPhone 6s charges off the bikes big battery!

Which is great for using the phone as a GPS and route traveled recorder.


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No doubt wider rims can make a difference. On my non e mtb I use 35mm inner width (i35) with 2.3 tires and use 15psi which is great for traction and makes for a more comfortable ride. The ones in your link are i31.5 which should give you much the same effect with a 2.5 tire. They appear to be tubeless compatible which is good if you want to go that route.

On my e drop bar bike I have i23 front and rear currently but lacing an i25 tubeless type rim to my new hub motor. It will be mounted with a 40c tire for winter use and an 45c for the rest of the year. I have been running tubeless in the low 30's psi on all surfaces. It improves comfort, traction and it doesn't seem to affect rolling resistance. At least not enough to notice. The big thing is comfort for me on gravel and lesser surfaces as I do a good amount of riding on those type. I don't feel the need for a sus post at all using these pressures.

It all depends on what the inner width of your current rims are though. If they are in the high 20's it won't be worth it but in the lower 20's it might. It will cost you some to get the wider rims and get them laced to your hubs, after they have been unlaced which can take a bit and hopefully the spokes/nipples can be reused other wise factor that in to the $$.