1Up Bike Rack for towing bike - Which choice should I choose?


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Okay first, I'm going to purchase a 1Up Bike Rack, I've looked at other racks and 1Up is the one I want.

With that said, here are the details:

Car: 2010 Prius
Purchased Hitch: CURT with 1.25" receiver
Need to carry: 1 bike and only 1 bike
Planned eBike Purchase: Evo Street. 350w hub motor. Integrated battery in downtube. Total weight with battery = 57 lbs, Estimated weight minus battery = 51 lbs.

I'm going to order a 1Up bike rack to carry one bike. I have two choices:

Choice 1. Regular 1up rack (called a Quik Rack), rated for 50 lb bike AND is designed for a 1.25" hitch receiver. Remember, the eBike without the battery will be about 51 lbs. (The 1up company says this will work if I take off the battery to tow the bike).

- OR-

Choice 2. Heavy Duty 1up rack, rated for 1 bike, weight of bike supported from 50 to 75 lbs. Requires a 2" hitch receiver. I would need to purchase a 1.25" to 2" receiver adapter in order to use this rack (would such an adapter be sturdy enough?)

Yes, there is a difference in cost between the 2 racks, but let's not worry about that.

I've already made up my mind that I want the 1up rack, it's just a matter of which one I purchase.

Thoughts? Opinions? Which one to purchase?


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1Up look$ pretty heavy duty.

I bought one of these and it has been great http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001VO1YY/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 for a Neo Jet which is a step through. It came with a hitch adapter. Hanldles 50 lbs of bike no problem. The only negative I have is that the rack moves around when going over bumps. It is supposed to but took a while to get used to that. There is a locking hitch that reduces the bouncing, but I know the bike is safe with the bouncing.


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My thought, I have a 1.25 hitch . Even w/an adapter the hitch is still 1.25 I don't think the specs change because you use an adapter, it is still a 1.25 hitch so their numbers are what i based my purchase on. If the hitch lets go w/your bike on on it the biggest cost will be the accident caused by the following cars, you bike will be nothing to worry about while in court fighting law suits, not something you should take a chance on IMHO.

Thule has an expensive rack that will work and has ramps for it. If anyone wants to buy my Saris rack i will purchase on for these, I cant lift my bike any longer , or I really can but then my back is done for a few days. it will hold your bike....legally

I have just checked w/Saris tech support, if your hitch is 1.25 and you adapt to 2" your specs are all based on 1.25. My rack will hold 60lbs each, 2 bikes. They "may" have a ramp styled rack in the future but nothing official as of yet.

feel free to make an offer :) http://www.saris.com/uploads/PDF/Manuals/Cycle_On/16128-Cycle-On-Add-On.pdf
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OK I made my decision and just pulled the trigger. I ordered the (Link Removed - No Longer Exists), which is rated for a 50 lb bike and that just happens to be the weight of the eBike I want to buy, minus the battery.

The rack attachment is supposed to have a non-wobble feature in the way it bolts on to the hitch and has gotten high marks.

When I get an eBike I will load it without the battery, which should be fine. And, should I ever want to ride my regular 25 lb bike again, that too can use this rack. I also ordered the (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) since the eBike I'm planning to purchase has fenders already.

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How has the 1up help up with your 51lbs ebike?

I'm also now looking at buying a 1up for my Prius with 1.25" hitch and my ebike is right at 51lbs as well!


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How has the 1up help up with your 51lbs ebike?

I'm also now looking at buying a 1up for my Prius with 1.25" hitch and my ebike is right at 51lbs as well!
Can't speak to your specifics, but our Heavy Duty 1up rack for 2" receiver has held up great after over 2 years of use. We have the 2 bike rack with extensions for two more. It flexes a lot under the weight of 4 ebikes, but it hasn't broken!

The only issue we've had is that the mechanism that clamps into the receiver isn't working right, so removing the rack is an issue. We don't take it off, so we haven't gotten around to making a warrantee claim.


I love my 1up rack. I have the one for two bikes but most of the time have my Felt Ninere on it with the single wheel cart on the other bike space. It is fast and easy to load, the bike and cart are very secure and easy to lock. I've driven all over the US with the bike rack on the back and it is still just like new. I highly recommend them.