2,500 (2,650) mile review 700


I did a review when I first got my bike, then a thousand mile review and thought I'd update since I passed the 2,500 mile stage.

The Ride1up 700 has performed flawless. After 2,500 miles no problems at all except a couple spokes broken. I noticed the new spokes I replace are softer. The stock ones are more brittle like the rivets on the Titanic (If you watched the Titanic Documentary, you know what I'm talking about). The website lists the wrong size and I wrote to them. Surprisingly they didn't seem to care and left the wrong size on the website.

I'm a heavy rider, 270, but figured out in the settings to get good mileage. The most I got was 52.8 with 16% battery left. I could of went 60 that day but was dizzy from ridding all day. This bike is so fun.

At 6' the bike was a little small for me so I got a longer higher steam. There hasn't been one single thing go wrong at all. Nothing.

I love the bike in the 23 to 26mph range. I ride mostly on pavement but went off on the dirt a few times. Tires are really good for both pavement and dirt. I'm impressed.

The battery display settings ride1up suggest don't work for my bike (sticks on 30% for a long time. Use throttle to burn it down and takes so long to go to 28%. Stop and come back in 15 minutes and it's up to 45%.). I carefully adjusted the settings a tenth of a percent each time and dialed in the settings. I can have the battery consistent all the way through now.

I did the same for the % of the assist level. Have that dialed in perfect. Great performance with excellent battery life. If you take how a lipo battery works, translate that into riding techniques, you can get very good mileage. The way I have it set up, I can waste electricity, full throttle, high assist and get 35 miles. Average about 45 and can use techniques to get higher if I want to.

The last ride I did was 35 miles. The average speed was 20mph. I sometimes ride this bike hard (always with love, never abusively) and am kind of surprised not a single thing has gone wrong.

I hear others complain about the seat. It's the most comfortable seat I've ever had. Grips, nice good grips. Everything people replace I like. The only thing that's disappointing is the headlight. That thing is so dim, it's close to worthless in dark places.

Overall, the 700 has been a super good bike. Over 2,500 miles and not a thing has gone wrong.

Guess that's it for now.


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I've only got 400 miles on my 700 that I got in March. I haven't been able to ride it as much as I want between cool temps, rain, work, and other committments. Plus, I still ride my standard Trek hybrid part of the time. I'm pretty happy with it for my purpose, especially for the price of $1455 before the price increases after apply the pledge discount.

I rode 40 miles a couple days ago on my 700 using only 12% of the battery. I'm in it for the exercise, so use a lot of muscle power with minimal PAS and get excellent range. I have PAS 1 (of 9) set to 5%, PAS 2 set to 8%, and I ride in one of those or with no assist most of the time, at 0 watts, or 30 watts to 68 watts. I barely touch the throttle, mostly just for a quick boost for street/road crossing. I'll temporarily bump up the PAS assist to 100 to 300 watts on the hills of my typical routes. I bumped it up even higher when taking a different route on some steep hills around a lake - maybe around 500 watts, which was one of my first rides of the season. The only time I have pushed higher power output, as much as 999 watts on the display, was for short term testing.

One of the first things I did on mine was change the voltage readout from percentage to voltage as the percentage was way off. I know you can adjust it to try to get the percentage dialed in more accurately, but I'm good with the voltage. I try not to charge over 51.5 volts as a rule for battery care purposes, but I have fully charged to 54.6 volts once. Range really isn't an issue for me with my lower PAS usage.

I replaced the seat post with a Suntour suspension post. I have a few different saddles that I'll swap between for testing, currently using a Giddy Up I originally bought to use with my Trek. I haven't "replaced" anything, just testing them out. I'll put the original back on at some point. I used it for a while earlier on, but those were my first rides of the year before getting use to longer rides and before I got the Suntour post, so I can't give much of an opinion based on that.

I've also added Shimano SPD pedals, bright rechargeable headlight/taillight, cell phone holder, bar extender, and bottle holder. I bought bar ends but haven't installed them yet. I still need to get a rack trunk bag and a holder for a Thermos.


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Does the tail light light up when you brake? This bike really has everything I’m looking for.
Braking has no effect on the tail light. The headlight and taillight run off the same battery as everything else, but they are turned off and on together by holding a button on the display. Also, the display backlight dims when the lights are turned on. Some people have complained that the headlight isn't bright, but I haven't even ridden the bike in the dark to make an opinion, and I also have a USB rechargeable light that is very bright that I plan take with me if I know I'm going to be riding in dark, so that's not a concern to me. After all the research I did from last June through late February, it's just as I expected, and I have no regrets. I really love the granulary configurable PAS system and display readout (it always shows realtime watts and battery percentage or volts to 1/10th volt) in addition to the usual things like assist level, speed, odometer. I like that it has 2.4" wide tires on wide rims in hoping they will be a lot better than my old bike when they resurface and dump fresh gravel on some of my routes, but that hasn't happened yet. I really hated riding on those with my hybrid bike with 35c tires (~1.38").
Thanks. This bike seems like the winner for me. The brake light wasn’t a big issue, but I just had to know. Time to brush up on my hand signals. :)


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For the 36 V / 48 V setting, I have it set for 48 V. For the display %/bars, I haven't changed it because I have it setup to display the actual voltage on my display rather than the percentage. But it looks like @Bikeman made those adjustments to display percentage.