2/6 Update on timelines and Shipping


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Previous update here - https://electricbikereview.com/forums/threads/1-19-update-on-timelines-and-shipping.40461/
1. For all orders before Dec 20 - we have the frames with the shipper now.
2. We have 2 size S still unspoken for.
3. If you ordered the fat tire, that will be delayed by a couple of weeks (we only got the triangles for the 3 inch tire, were not able to get the fat rear triangle in time before CNY).
4. Batteries for Hydra have not shipped yet but will do shortly after CNY. This is a new factor that may become a delivery risk factor. I will be tracking this closely.

1. For all orders before Nov 30 - we expect frames to be finished by late Feb. We are tracking the dates of delivery.
2. Batteries for Helios have not shipped yet but since Hydra and Helios share the same batteries, we expect to have them here in time.

The following timelines have moved by 2 weeks as of today
For Helios orders placed after Nov 30, the estimated frame shipping from Asia ETA is late-April.
For Hydra orders placed after Dec 20, the estimated frame shipping from Asia ETA is late-April.

Next steps :
1. Re-grouping after the unanticipated youtube fiasco this past week - we have managed to get most of the videos up. The new channel is here (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgvNQiGqfopocEgPfic7a6Q) . Took longer than anticipated but we are back up and running.
2. I have the final list and template - please expect build list and colur request emails to be sent out starting tomorrow AM - please confirm the order summary, and most (if not all ) customization, except colors.
3. We will request final colors for Hydra starting this week. We will request for Final colors for Helios by Feb 28th.
4. Watt Wednesdays AMA is scheduled for Wednesday Feb,10, at 7 eastern. Here is the link :

Change in future orders for both Hydra and Helios
1. Front suspension - We are out of Mattoc forks through September.
- Mezzer Pro will still be available. We have enough of those to cover demand.
- We stilllwill be adding new options - We have Suntour Aion 35 boost, Suntour Raidon 32 boost for the base level front fork options. We raised prices earlier in the week, adding these forks will only marginally change the base price. I expect the price change to be $50 or $60 (depending on what a rider chooses). The suntour forks for the order placed in June last year arrived, so we have enough inventory through July /August. Site will be updated tomorrow once we do final inventory.

2. Rear shock - we are out of Mara (base) through July.
- Mara Pro is still available. We have some of those, but I anticipate they will run out by end of Feb
- We are adding Suntour Tri Air 3CR as the base option. We adjust the base price by around $60 for this option.

3. Shifter / Derailluers for base options
- Microshift is sold out through September.
- We have worked with an OE factory to provide a better/ lighter alternative for the 11 speed setup. The base price will be adjusted downward by $20.

4. Base options for Helios - we will offer Helios with a cassette and chain instead of belt. The new dropout is 148mm and there are no thru axle hubs in that config. We are working to provide a more palatable price jump to Rohloff and Kindernay to get around this.

Product Launches -
Upcoming city commuter (new name TBD) is still in the works. We are tracking pre-launch it over the next 5-6 weeks with delivery in early-mid May. Note that there is a change in components from the original bike. We will look at Sturmey archer 3 speed and a Shimano nexus 3 speed as alternatives.