2 Model S Electric Bike Company are being built for us now


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Did you ever notice that the forum for The Electric Bike Company is kind of boring?
Stop and think about that, it is boring in a good way.
We see the usual first topic for the Brand, “Known Issues with the bike”
And what do we see in the Electric Bike Company topic of known issues?
Why nothing, hmmmm, see, I like that. Only see posts about how people love their EBC bikes.

On other threads of different brands there are tons of discussions asking for help with problems.
But on this here Electric Bike Company forum, nobody ever posts any problems they are having with their bikes.

When making a final selection, moving to actually pulling the trigger and laying down my Visa card, the lack of negative buyers feedback on this firum was just one more deciding factor on why I chose these bikes.

To be honest I don’t see the need for more that one gear. Why screw around shifting when I can just hit the throttle?
Another reason I was moved to buy is that they actually spoke all their rims.
They test the rims in a big expensive machine that uses a laser to verify the rims are true round.
I figure if they care that much to invest in that machine to make sure their rims are true round after they hand spoke them, then that means they must be doing everything else right also. I looked at the Rad Power bikes also, but Electric Bike Company won my confidence. On their website they have a lot of short little videos those were very helpful.

After we get our bikes I will post pictures and my review.
Gonna be hard to wait bit what sweet joy when the wait is over, right?
roxinred, I'm fairly sure I've put more miles on an EBC bike than anyone else, and I can say the bike doesn't suffer from any "gotchas", which are what people tend to report here. I mean, I've had flat tires, I've had to replace chains, cables & some parts related to the crank (I'm not the most technically adept at bicycle part names). But that's all stuff that I would expect after 18,000 miles or so. The bike itself was designed to be as "non-electric" as possible, and the parts that are electric just haven't failed I'm guessing for most people (that's been my experience). Hopefully you will find your experience to be the same and you'll find this forum to be boring, as most people post in the FB owners page about the fun stuff :)