2 Months, 1,000 miles Vado 5.0 Report


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So yesterday I hit the 1k mark, and without exception, the only item that had been of any concern was a loose screw...on the front fender where the light mounts. Even after using thread lock 2 times, and still no go, so I put a washer and lock-washer on, seems to have done the trick.

I have to say coming from the Allant+ 9.9S to the Vado has to me, been a pleasure. I installed the SQ Labs grips (thanks Alaskan!!), the Kinekt 2.1 XL2 seat post (difference of day and night with the 'springy-ness between the 2), the Kinekt 30-degree 100mm stem and that's about it. Ordered Como handlebars, we'll see how that makes the ride when it happens.

So now the quest begins. What will be the choices this coming year....lighter bikes, longer range batteries, lower prices?

When all is said and done, I'll say that the experience has been pleasurable, and whatever all the reporting about motor problems, etc., and any other issues has been non-existent for me. I hope that moving forward I can get another 3-4,000 miles before the next replacement bike down the road.

Hopefully another 500 miles per month before the biting cold, wind and winter sets in.....


You already plan to replace it after 4-5K miles and have been averaging 500 miles a month? Based on your statement about winter coming that implies you can't ride during it where you live, that would still mean only a year or so of use before you get your next bike.

I guess if you have unlimited funds, why not. What do you do with the old bikes when you replace them?


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Sell them on Craigslist, trade others, whatever works.
I'm just throwing numbers.
Can't do 500 miles in Jan/Feb in NJ.
Hopefully I'll be increasing my rides to more than 500 miles a month.
It all takes time, gotta have the time, health and desire.
And, selling e-bikes, whatever the market dictates, just like a car, a gun, etc., deprecation takes a bite, and as long as I feel comfortable getting what the market dictates, that's all I can hope for. Right?


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20 miles a day, 5 days a week 4 weeks a month, is not much.
I ride with 'others' every day that are regular 'roadies' (non-electric bikes/road~gravel bikes) that average 1,000 a month or more.
On weekends the group does 65-100 miles each day.
Weekdays, sometimes the rides are 30-35 miles, but seem to average 19-22.
We start at 5:30 AM
It's a new life...the adrenaline starts pumping and the alarm goes off at 4:15AM to have my coffee and oatmeal before I go. Usually done in 1 hr to 1 hr and 30 min (weekdays)
I'm the only e-bike.
Usually 10-20 riders, sometimes less.
Something to aspire to (build up the endurance and use a regular bike....maybe :)