20 modifications to my Pedego Interceptor


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Enclosed are ~20+ modifications to my Pedego Interceptor. The interceptor is a cruiser style ebike with a 500-watt (2/3 Horse power) motor. The battery is 48V 15 amp-hour with a range of 30 mile (no pedaling). Top pedel assist speed = 20 mph, top throttle speed(no peddling ) = ~23 mph. I wish it would go faster though. I also have the city commuter (same specs: speed, range etc.). The intent of the modifications is to compensate for the Pedego shortcomings and/or enhance the interceptor’s riding experience. Here is a Partial list of the items/enhancements:


Here is a picture of the modified Interceptor:


Item 1. Upgraded front shocks

Needed for high speed riding, the shock system absorbs the bumps that occur on paved roads, sidewalks and such.


Item 2. Front fender system

Needed for riding in wet conditions. Note that you have to give up the OEM front fender and select a fender that will work with shocks


Item 3. Oversized front seat

Adds comfort to ride. This vendor makes ~5 seats in various sizes, this is the largest size. If I had to do over I would get the next smaller size.


Top view, New seat vs. OEM city commuter seat.


seat vendor

Item 4. Adjustible seat shock

Adds comfort to ride. Best on market, best for road riding, Does not help with large bumps (curb jumps)


Item 5. iPhone holder,

Attaches to handle bar, use Google maps in bike mode. Note that bike mode assumes 10mph travel speed, so time to destination is not correct, but mikes to destination is correct.

[IMG]http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g23/klm4755/badger 2/P1016776_zpsmqzjwu9r.jpg[/IMG]

side view of iphone holder


Item 6. Pull trailer

Attaches to bike with small bracket, about 15 lbs in weight, mounted on garage wall


Bracket on rear hub


Trailer attached view


close-up of trailer coupled to bike


Item 7. Bike bungee leash

Many times I will forget to remove electric cable from bike, this bungee system will prevent a costly cable breakage


both interceptor and city commuter connected to bench with simple bungee leash


Item 8. Homemade Extended cable lock for trailer

A 8 foot long cable to secure trailer to bike


Tucks in trailer pouch


Item 9. Chain cleaner, Use Remington gun wipes. Provides easy way to clean, lube and protect (LCP) the chain with disposable wipes



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Item 10. Adjustable head stem, this is a feature the city commuter has, that the interceptor does not.


Item 11. Home made rear view mirror, Difficult to find mirror for interceptor cruiser style handlebars, use Velcro, riding gloves and convex mirros


helps to see folks that I pass


can remove the mirror


Item 12. No fuss charger mount under garage shelf, easy-peasy


Item 13. Home-made rear rack. The OEM rack is not raelly useful, so I fabricated and mounted my own, 16 inches long


11.5 inches wide


added peep hole for battery controls and footman loops on side rails for bungee tie points


rear rack view


Item 14. Home-made pannier mounts. The Pedego panniers do not allow for rack mounting and I wanted to mount my own panniers


mounted footman loops at the pannier bracket locations


stitched in nylon webbing to secure lower part of pannier


Item 15. Added Waterbottle holder.


Item 15. Added combo blade lock


Slides into pannier side pocket for easy access

Item 16. Use ski type helmet for cold days as it is watertight and provides ear warmth


Couple more to come….



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Some really nice Mods!

I really like the bungee cord for when you have the charging cable(s) connected. My wife broke an USB rechargeable rear light and charging cable moving her bike in the garage.


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Brilliant updates @keithm! As @E-Wheels and @mrgold35 said the glove mirrors and bungee "unplug reminder" mods are things I've never seen before and look very useful. I also like your carry rack mod and am a huge fan of suspension... Have had that same DeFender from Topeak and found that it would occasionally bump out of place and rub. How has it been working for you so far? thanks for posting such great images and sharing your thoughts (like that you'd get the smaller size saddle). In the future, you can upload files direct to the forum vs. kiting them from Photobucket or elsewhere. This ensures that if another site changes their policy or deletes your images they will still be available here where your notes and comments are. I wrote instructions on how to do it here. Thanks again for sharing, had a blast seeing all of your creativity :)


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Nice bike! And great info.

BodyFloat seat posts rock! Haven't tried front suspension on an Interceptor yet. Rides a lot nicer with it?

I noticed you mentioned little details like the seat post shim, but you didn't mention the headset. Looks like you converted from threaded to threadless, or did you just use some kind of quill adapter? Converting to threadless gives a lot more fork options.

Very interesting pannier brackets!


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I really like the body seat post and the front suspension. I had a local bike shop figure out the logistics of the front suspension build.


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Here are a couple more pictures:

The glove mirror, adjustable and wide angle

km glove and mirror.jpg

Pedego Interceptor and/or City Commuter OEM seat at 10.5 inches wide

km saddle2.jpg

Aftermarket Pizza pan seat at 12.5 inches wide

km saddle1.jpg

Aftermarket Pizza pan seat at 12 inches long

km saddle.jpg

Seatpost and shim. Seatpost at 27.2 mm. Shim at 28.6 mm outer diameter and 27.2 mm inner diameter

km seatpost.jpg

Ann M.

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Very clever and simple rear view mirror @keithm; like the custom rack, too. As pretty as the matching rear rack is on those Pedegos, the oversize tubing doesn't work well with regular saddlebags or trunk mounting systems.