20" or 26" wheels?


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I'd like to buy an electric bike for the city (I do private lessons and my clients are mostly around the neighborhood) and I wonfer if I should get a folding, 20" wheels model, or a regular 26 incher.
The folding 20" ones are by far the most popular choice for electric bikes here in Israel, but I figured I should find out why instead of just buying what's popular.

It's worth mentioning that they all come with a 250W, 36V motor. You can't have more than 250W or 48V here, and 48V is rare and very expensive.

Strangely, all the 20" models weigh 19KG without the battery (well that's not strange, they're all generic models with sticker names that use the same 1 or 2 frames), and the 26" models are only 1 KG or so heavier. How's that possible? And really, can a 250W 36V motor get a 26" bike to 25kmph (bike is 19KG, battery another 2 or 3, and I weigh 73kg)?