'20 Road/ Revolt-e pro battery rattle


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My Revolt e pro had a rattle that sounded like a loose steering head bearing but louder. Removing the bat. and the rattle went away. I put a strip a 1/4" thick of closed cell packing foam under the battery and then added more 'till the rattle stopped. 1/2" did the trick. Being a bit curious, I called my LBS (60mi. away) and asked if that's what they did. He said bring it in and we'll adjust it. Too much driving If they can adjust it so can I. I took the entire mech. out to see what was adjustable ( NOT necessary pic. 1).
Take the battery out, loosen the 2 screws under the locking mech. on the bottom of the down tube ( a pin-in 25 torx ) , then loosen the 2 small flat head screws ( a10 torx ) on the lock mech. pic.2, put the battery back in and push the bottom Torx screws toward the back 'til they stop. Next carefully pull the battery out so you can see the bat. touching the mech. guide just as it is inserted ( pic 3 ), tighten the 25 torx pull the bat. out tighten the small flat heads. Note if you tighten the bottom screws before pulling the bat. outward it will not budge. This eliminated all the rattles up to about 20mph. I live in the mountains and the roads have numerous frost heaves and cracks. I'm guessing that the sharper nature of these bumps at speeds over 20 or so cause the slight rattle I hear . I'll probably put the foam back in as well.
One added bonus to this, the display would turn off when I rode the bike while it was still rattling. Both with the foam and the screw adjustment fix I haven't had the display shut down at all.
All screws had blue lock tight from the factory and used more on reassembly.


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