2012 Easy Motion Diamond Wave - intermittent switch, tech manual?


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Hi, I'm a total newbie. I just inherited a 2012 Easy Motion Diamond Wave 54 -- and I know nothing about it, except that it's too big for me! I'm seeking tech specs, so we can put it in order to sell it. I want to put the $$ back into a new bike for me -- this one's too big, my friend was 5'10", and I'm 5'6", but I could really use an ebike for my 10 mile hilly commute, which is why my friend left hers to me when she passed away. Hers gave her active touring during cancer remission.

I contacted BH but they said for anything prior to 2015 go to a local shop. While we may end up doing that, we thought we'd try and do some work ourselves. Anybody know how to find the tech manual? When I took it for a test ride I found the on-switch intermittent, has anybody else had that problem?