2013 jumper vs 2014 Jet battery charger


Just notice on a website that my wives charger for her Jet is the non fan type "Modiary Lion Battery Charger output-42" and mine is the one WITH the fan. any reason these are not interchangeable?


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I bought a used Neo Carbon that had the fan type charger. I also have a new Neo Prox that has the lighter charger without the built in fan. The lighter chargers are the new style, probably made to be more portable I presume.


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Im now thinking the charger on the Jet is not an original Easy Motion battery charger

They are interchangeable. It's simple hardware change but some Modiary chargers come with 4A charging rate and fan certainly helps in keeping the charger cool.
But Neo Jumper and Neo JET have 2A BMS, so both will work fine.