2013 vs 2014 computer differences?


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OK, so they moved it from the center to the right, and from portrait to landscape. Any other changes?

I test drove a 2013 (actually the shop had it labeled as a 2014, but the screen was in the center so I assume it was a 2013) and loved the LCD screen. I bought a 2014 (the only one they had in my size, and they were all marked the same price) and the biggest difference I note is that the screen LCD is reversed colors - it is mostly dark (crystal turned on) with the numbers being light (crystal off).

I assumed it was just a setting, but after looking through the manual I can't find a way to change it. I liked the regular LCD setup better; it was much easier to read in the daylight. Am I out of luck, or am I missing a setting somewhere?



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I think you are out of luck based on what I have read although the mechanic told me t could be reversed


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There is a software dongle and package used to program the Turbo. If your shop has that ( I think the training is required by Spesh to sell the things) they may be able to do that. I know the software allows them to mod assist cutoff speed.

I actually had ordered the kit and bought it, then the shop realized hey screwed up and took it back. I was never able to make use of it because you need to authenticate to the Specialized dealer portal to get the software.


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Awesome, thanks. I was planning to stop by the local shop and ask a couple of things anyway, so I'll see if they have the tool.


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I just discovered that part of the problem is...my polarized sunglasses! The screen is a lot easier to read without them. (And it doesn't matter if the screen is vertical or horizontal; a lot of screens are "oriented" and have a polarization problem one way but not the other).

However, I had the same glasses on for both rides; it was still a lot easier to read the regular screen than the reverse screen.