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I bought 2 x 2013 Zuma Izips for my sons to ride back and forth to school. The reason we got electric is that we live up on a hill and it makes it very manageable to get back and forth to school and fun for them. The bikes are now just 1 1/2 years old and frankly they are pretty worn out. The brake pads wear down crazy fast and now the batteries wont even get them 1/5th the way up the hill, never mind the entire hill. (pedalling while using power)

I was looking at battery replacements and possible rear engine upgrades and am wondering if anyone has done either of these to the 2013 Zuma? The problem with the Zumas is that the replacement batteries cost and arm and a leg and are pretty hard to find. For the price of a battery I can get a whole new 1000W conversion kit(almost). I am looking for options but am wondering if anyone has done any customization or upgrades to their Zuma? or has any recommendations?