2014 E3 Peak 'Button Pad' replacement

Can a 2015 button pad replace a 2014 button pad

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Screenshot 2015-12-27 22.23.12.png
have a 2014 iZip E3 Peak and would like to replace the “button pad” with the newer style.

Can you advise as to the feasibility, price, and availability?

Would this be a direct replacement for a 2014 model, as that had the ‘round’ button mounted to the handlebar and is rather awkward.

I’ve attached a photo of what I would like. (+/- on/off etc. left side hand grip)

Tara D.

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I did some research on this and found that since the button pad, connects differently to the brake sensors, and has different buttons communicating with the screen, it would require you to exchange the LCD screen, button pad, and brake sensors, all together. I'm not sure how much this would cost. I would reach out to your local dealer or contact izip here (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)


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Thanks, how did you find out that info?
Do you have some schematics or other helpful info?
Might be good brain food to understand it.

Tara D.

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@GuruUno My research simply included one step- I contacted Izip! :) Although I forgot to mention the rest of the question like price etc. I wouldn't be able to do the updating myself and if you are like me would need to contact a bike shop to do the work. Here is some additional contact information for Chawn a lead ebike warranty and technical rep who handled my inquiry.

Cweingarten@AccellNA.com// OFFICE: 888.377.7115 // 3850A Royal Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93063. CWeingarten@accellna.com

Check out this site izip dealer support includes how to's for component replacement button pad the display and the break cutoff sensor. Hope that helps!


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OK, great! Got the replacement parts from ElectricScooterParts and I installed them last month (February here in NJ is COLD, no bike riding), so all done in about 1 hour. Took it for a spin (35 miles) and everything is great, reach for the controls with left thumb is great, it's perfect in that respect.
However, there are 2 items that are of concern.

While riding, I kept feeling like something was turning off. I triple checked all connections, brake sensors, everything, to no avail. But today, it smacked me in the head!
Every time I hit 20 MPH, some sort of "governor" or 'inhibitor' kicks in. I tested it for 15 miles. As soon as I passed 19.9 MPH, the drag started, the pedal assist
stopped, until my speed dropped below 20 MPH.

This never had happened before with the original button pad and display.

The components are all tied together with the display and button pad and the brake sensor connectors.

So, I'm thinking out loud here, is there any programming capability via the buttons/display to raise that back or disable it.

I understand all of the negatives, however, if I was able to go 25 MPH before and now limited to 20 MPH, I'd guess I've wasted my money, but there has to be some override via programming somewhere......

The other item, which is not a deal breaker for me is that the twist throttle no longer works. Not that it's a big deal without it, but possibly the 2 are somehow integrated?

So, with that said, is this an item that has to be considered for newer e-bikes, that they are limited in some way? I again understand the legalities but if it was OK before, and not now, is the new now the replacement for the old was ok?

Anybody know of the way to program the control unit?