2014 Specialized Turbo vs 2014 Stromer ST1 Platinum


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ok, let's get the rumor mill going a little bit. The title is a little cheeky as the 2014 Stromer ST1 Platinum is the same as the 2013 model but nevertheless there is a difference in the new Specialized Turbo for this upcoming year. Their battery went up from 342WH to 504WH and their price probably went down by $1000

In Europe... sigh.

Here is a German forum discussing the new model:

Here is the Euro version of the Turbo with new specs:

And it's available in black as well as in red.


That would theoretically bring the Turbo price down to $5000 dollar mark with lights and two chargers (you get a travel charger + regular charger ... allegedly... :)


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Wow! Great stuff here Brambor... That black turbo sure looks mean. Love that they are bringing the price down a bit and of course, the accessories are nice. I'm a big fan of this bike, it just rides smooth and feels so tight and high quality. I've ridden the ST1 and the Turbo and prefer the Turbo in terms of ride quality and aesthetics. Specialized just makes beautiful things and I know they are going to keep killing it with every new iteration, maybe eventually there will be a whole line of Specialized ebikes?


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I wonder if the 504WH battery fits into the 2013 Turbo?
They may have done further improvements but based on the specs the 2013 and the 2014 looks identical.
The reduced price by $1000 was just a post in German language from what one of the posters got quoted by a dealer in Europe. It may/may not be the case for the US market.

in this age of global market and our ability to see what other continents offer for sale it's really frustrating to learn that other continents have latest models and US does not. puzzling, really. Barring law issues I think we should be able to get what they get and vice versa. :)

Angela Merkel can get one:

NYCE wheels did a comparison of the last generation: https://www.nycewheels.com

I agree with it. Stromer probably has the last gen unless you're an actual cyclist. Looks like the next gen Turbo wins, though not by much. However, Stromer definitely still has something up it's sleeve... I seriously doubt an ST2 is going to be cheaper though.