2014 ST1 Platinum


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I stumbled upon an ST1 for sale at a local triathlon specialty shop. The shop is not a Stromer dealer and they have no other e-bikes, so I'm not sure what the story is here. I asked whether it was a Platinum or Elite and they had no idea what I was talking about. Fine print on the tag said "P48" so I'm assuming it's the Platinum. Planning to go back when I have time to test ride and talk more with the staff. I live in an area with a huge cycling community but unfortunately e-bikes just haven't caught on (despite legal status for pedal-assist). The nearest Stromer dealer is 200+ miles away, so this ST1 feels like a big find. Sale price is $3199 (originally $4249), which still seems too much for a 2014 model. My hunch is that they would probably slash the price further to be rid of it. My concern is that it seems like the bike has just been sitting there for potentially 3+ years. I've been reading about e-bikes off/on for a while, and I really think a Stromer would be ideal for my commute, but I also feel like I don't totally know what I'm doing. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but are there any major issues I should have in mind when checking out this "new" 2014 Stromer? Any advice is much appreciated.


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It's likely you will have to replace the battery. A Google search shows Stromer replacement batteries cost $639 to $839 depending on capacity. If you add the battery replacement cost to the sale price, the total comes close to the original new sale price. It seems a poor deal.

I remember test riding a used Stromer ST1 two years ago. They wanted $2,000. I passed. The ad kept reappearing in craigslist every week for several months. I don't know if they ever sold it.


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Thanks for the feedback - confirms my hesitation. I was going to see if they might go lower than the $1900 season clearance price I found posted elsewhere back in 2015. But seems better in the long run to go with a new model + warranty. I just wish these bikes were more widely available! Something about ordering online and having it shipped feels like a setup for hassle/regret. Thanks again!
I own a 2013 ST1 Platinum that still rides like new. One way to tell if it's a Platinum is if it has 27 speeds - an Elite only has 9 speeds and no front derailleur. The Platiunum can reach 28 mph, and the Elite is listed as 20 mph - the extra speed is really nice.

My buddy just bought a new 2014 ST1 Partinum for around $3,100 and he loves it. They are warranting the entire bike and the two year warranty on the battery just started - so that's one less thing to be worried about. My buddy's bike also came with the city kit, which is nice if you're going to use it for commuting.

Let me know if you have any other questions.