2015 E3 Path+ Wrench icon


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So, I just purchased a 2015 IZIP E3 Path+, and rode it in to work for a 16 mile round trip. I noticed that the wrench icon was on, and I though it was just for settings, but when I got home, I looked it up and realized it was a "maintenance indicator".
I haven't noticed anything extremely strange, although I am new to owning any eBike. The bike tops out around 15mph and won't assist any faster, even though the Path+ is listed at a 20mph speed limit. I am about 200 pounds, but I feel it pushing me along pretty powerfully up to 15mph and then cutting out. I also notice "surging" of the motor around 15mph, but I assume this is the motor fluctating between on and off as the speed drops and rises. I have experienced this across all settings (PAS 1-4 and Throttle).

Anyone have any ideas?


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Hmm. Did you buy it offline or at a local eBike shop? I would take it to a local shop. It sounds like a controller issue.


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Hi, I have the dash, but the systems are very similar

the maintenance is activated it if you turn it on with the twisted grip at the same time. just restart

surging, yes, it stops assisting and comes back. To maintain highest speed use the cruise mode, it´s much smoother.

When pedaling I have experienced the sensor is sometimes too sensitive, stopping the assistance when pressure is decreased.
You have to pedal steadily, I bought half toe clips and I think it helps

Also you can try using lower PAS when at low mph and low gear, and higher PAS when uphill or high gear. Otherwise it assists too much, so you stop applying pressure to the pedal and the motor stops

Wind or inclines will be noticeable, it´s a very weird sensation of power loss but I just stopped feeling annoyed... Being aware is not a gas motorbike, it has very limited hp, as you would do on a bike, slowing down or doing more effort is part of the ride

As for the 15mph, i´d get it checked at the store


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Thanks for the quick answers!

I bought at an authorized bike shop about 15 miles away (during a sale), but there is an IZIP store about 3 miles away, so I'll bring it in there this weekend. Will it be fine to take it into the IZIp store?

I'm fully aware of the limitations of the bike and plan to always use the PAS and do a good amount of pedalling on my own, but even with steady pedalling on a tougher gear on a flat, I wouldn't break 16 mph. I just wanted to confirm that the stange limit of 15mph is not custom. I'll try starting the bike again with no throttle


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Played around with the diagnostics test last night and got a solid 001 value for the brake sensors, so I tightened the brake handle cables up a bit and rechecked, and it worked. Took it out this morning with no wrench icon anymore, and was up to 22-23mph with moderate effort on PAS 4, so I can only assume it was the brake sensors somehow limiting the max speed.

Thanks for all the help!