2015 Electric Bike Calendar Invite


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Greetings Electric Bike Owners,

I would like to ask you to join me in a small project to promote and honor the next evolution of modern efficient transportation: the electric bike.

My Idea, with some help from my kids, is to offer a 12 month, 2015 Electric Bike Calendar to the growing community of riders, enthusiast and OEMs. I tried to do the same a few years back, but did not keep steam to complete the project.

My purpose is to promote and support the technology, and to start up a small business, with my kids, to help them appreciate finances, love ebikes, and save a bit for college. I hope to sell 100 calendars in 2015. I realize this post and effort may overstep the intent and purpose of this forum, but I ask the modertors to allow this in the spirit of this community. I do pledge 10% profits to charity and 10% to a worthy ebike cause, TBD.

The format plan was to introduce 9 electric bikes from OEMs and 4 from DIY hobbyists. I am getting a SLOW response from OEMs, so I am OPENING it up to ALL enthusiast and OEMs. I hope to have a mix. I also hope to feature Troy Rank, who broke the world record electric bike tour of over 4400 miles in August.

What I need from you, the hobbyist:
1. pm me and I will send you my email. You can send all your info to that email off line from this forum.
2. Copy, Sign and attach a release, see below.
3. For Hobbyist, I want a photograph of the rider IN the picture with his/her bike. For OEMs, I want only the bike. (2Mb to 10Mb pic)
4. Selection is not political, and purely subjective by the designer. I ask you do a short, but good writeup on yourself. Please complete all content in spec sheet below. Editing subject to designer.

What I will do is layout/package and order 100 calendars. You will receive one complimentary calendar if selected.

Sales will be via Paypal when they come in. Price, tbd, but ~ $25usd with shipping included.

I hope to partner with you.

Please reply by October 31st.

2015 Electric Bike Calendar Release:

We, the owner/manufacturer ____________________ give the Rowell family permission to show, sell and distribute a photograph and information of our/my electric bike(s), at no cost, fee, charge or royalty, for the 2015 calendar offering only.

Signed _______________________________(by OEM and/or Hobbyist)
(Digital is ok)

Electric Bike Specification (please complete)

- Owner's/OEM Name, city, state
- Make / Model :
- Price MSRP :
- Warranty :
- Suggested Use :

History and Background :
- Background of Company
- Background of Owner:
- Awards of the bike

Electronic Details
- Motor Type (mid, hub, geared hub) / Nominal Output Pwr/ Peak Output Pwr:
- Motor Brand / Peak Motor Torque :
- Drive Modes / Top Speed :
- Number of assist levels:
- Battery Voltage / Amp Hours / Watt Hours :
- Battery Brand / Battery Chemistry :
- Range mi@ max assist, Average Speed, and Eff (Whr/mi)
- Range mi@ least assist, Average Speed, and Eff (Whr/mi)
- Display Type / Brand / Core Functions :

Bicycle Details
- Total Weight / Motor Weight / Battery Weight :
- Frame Type / Frame Size :
- Fork Details / Rear Suspension Details :
- Gearing Details / Shifter Details :
- Headset / Stem / Handlebar :
- Brake Details :
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Hello Ebike Enthusiast.

The response to the Calendar idea is moving SLOW....

*IF* you are an OEM, and want your bike featured, please consider submitting a bike pic for the Calendar. See the specs above. I am opening it up.

I am giving the initial invites until Nov 1 to reply and then slots will be opened up.

Note: editor has final decision about who gets it. I only have 13 slots. Sorry, but please reply!