2015 Evo Cross


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Just got my new 2015 Evo Cross from Crazy Lenny! The kids and I are hitting every park in the neighborhood and the new school at the top of the hill.


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Great photo. We have the same setup except with a Neo Jet, it has been gold. These bikes do great in this configuration. One day my brother in law took my tiny sister in law, 30 year old,on a ride in the back and she was amazed how bumpy and harsh it was back there. My kids never complained much. They just tell me to slow down from time to time. One of the biggest gains moving from motorcycles to ebikes is that my kids can join me on rides now and the motor more than compensates for he weight and drag of towing them. Towing kids with an ebike is not marketed much and it should be, it is so much fun.


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Really nice bike!

It's a shame some governments want to relegate you to the street because you are such a menace on that monster machine!

That picture could go a ways in persuading some of the fearful not to make such stringent regulations...