2015 Pedego Interceptor III

Richard Beck

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Hay, my name is Rich, I just joined the forum today. I live in Temple, TX. I am 45yrs old. weigh @ 240. My commute will be 8 miles both ways with some moderate grades. I have a Trek 870 that I have commuted with before, but getting a little old.
Today is 17 Oct 2014. Last weekend I test rode electric bikes for the first time at Rocket Electrics, Austin, TX. I was blown away. I had done quite a bit of online research, but I really had or even now, don't have any idea what I am getting into. I loved the City Commuter and the Interceptor. I liked the riding position on the Commuter, but it felt stiff. I'm a big guy and the bike fit me well, the rigidness of the bike made me feel like I was going to brake it. Then I rode the Interceptor with the Fat Franks 26" X 2.35, the ride was a lot smoother and there was some give to the bike, but the riding position was awkward due to the cruiser style handle bars, I really liked everything but the handle bars. The shop owner Nicole and general manager John, (who by the way met me there before the shop opened on a Saturday), anyway, they offered to change out the handle bars. I had watched so many videos and read so many reviews about the riding position, how awkward it can be at first, but how most riders end up loving it. So I chose to keep it.
My questions. I want to outfit my bike with saddle bag panniers. What brand and model fits the Interceptor best. I would really like then to be waterproof with a matching waterproof handle bar bag.
I will be riding home in the dark. So any recommendations about light combinations or safety accessories would be appreciated. Expecting bike sometime next week.... Can't wait.