2015 ST2: What Parts To Sell?

The motor in my 2015 ST2 died, and a new one is $1,500. Any advice on what parts have value and how to sell them? I added the Stromer front suspension fork and upgraded the controller. Battery range seems fine, although I know degradation is inevitable. Is there a market for used batteries or other parts?


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Pretty much all of the parts have value. You can part it out here, or list the individual parts on Ebay. Personally, I am looking for a suspension fork and set of fenders, but other parts like batteries, lights, frames, wiring, chargers, controllers, displays, cranksets, seats, and other parts from ST2's routinely sell on Ebay. Do a search on Ebay for 'Stromer' and switch to completed listings to see what you could sell them for. Another option is to wait for a working ST2 rear wheel on Ebay, but you may be waiting a long time. It could be a month from now or it could be a year from now that one shows up. There are actually a couple of used rear wheels on Ebay right now. One from an ST1X and another from a current model ST1 in the $300-$400 range. Unfortunately, neither of these are compatible with your ST2.
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