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I keep periodically checking in hoping to see some new reviews. Is there anything out there? I'm particularly interested in the new EasyMotion bikes. Are they in the U.S.?
I'm chomping at the bit to start researching a possible purchase......don't tell me. Just pick one, order one and hope it works.
Impatiently yours,

Chris Nolte

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The 2015 bikes will be arriving early next year most likely. They were scheduled for November, but that date got pushed. Court will be visiting Easy Motion in November to review there 2015 bikes so stay tuned. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll do my best to help.


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Hey RG,

Do your research, find your bike, make your purchase from a reliable supplier and don't look back... But, don't just do research for the bike and price, research the bike's company and the companies principles. Pick a bike from a company that has been around awhile, 3 to 5 years maybe. The e-bike world is littered with companies that have crashed and burned.

Is the company supportive of it's products, customers and dealers? Do they support their earlier models with ALL parts, including batteries and electronics? Batteries will change, for the better. When you have used up your battery, can you get a new battery for that proprietary setup on your bike? There are great idea people in the e-bike world and they can put out an awesome bike that works great and gets great reviews but is it a one off? Can you shop at Amazon or ebay for parts and accessories? If you need a new handle bar because you found that the bar you got with the bike doesn't have enough rise to ride comfortably? Cogs, chainrings, freewheel, spokes, bearings, seat and post, fenders and so much more, you get the idea. Can you get these through your dealer? Can your dealer get these parts from the manufacture?

Don't stress over these things! It's just that this industry is still so new there will be failures. Not so much that the one new bike that so and so company just introduced was a failure, after all it has gotten great reviews! But will that bike and company be around next year? Edsel was Henry Ford's son and it failed.

Find your bike, pull the trigger and get it! Enjoy!!!
Good luck - JR


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I might have a slightly more pessimistic/realistic view. I agree with J.R. on principle but also understand that even big names that have been in business for 3 to 5 years have either crashed and burned or have stopped supporting e-bikes and went back to regular bikes.

If your ebike is for commuting to work (i.e. direct correlation to saving $) then I would also look at this bike as a possibility of being 'disposable' - see how much money you are saving and after how long will the bike be paid for through actual saved $. This will keep your mind at ease for spending thousands on an electronic/electric machine.

Electronics break down over time, batteries do too, dealers go out of business, spare parts become unavailable etc...

If your machine lasts beyond the point when it amortized fully then consider it a gift.


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even big names that have been in business for 3 to 5 years have either crashed and burned or have stopped supporting e-bikes
Try to limit your liabilities within reason and price. "All things in moderation" I don't want to be a beta tester for 6 to 10 G's. I do agree with your sentiment Brambor, these bikes are disposable like most transportation. I do have a 25 year old Harley though, so take solace all you 10 G+ e-bike owners.