2016 A2B Updates from Interbike

Tara D.

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Very neat stuff from A2B-
The Entz will be for sale in January 2016 and has a 250 watt continental drive system with belt drive and NuVinci Harmony automatic shifting variable transmission! Very nice that the tail light is on the battery so no additional wiring to the back.
Two new prototypes A and B which are more about affordability with a standard chain drive, cassette and a Shengyi moto and a rack!
Alva+ featuring a new slimmer 17 ah battery which dealers can upgrade to
A2B is still continuing some of their most popular models Octave, Galvani, Ferber, Alva+ and Kuo+
A testament that the A2B bikes are very well made and durable in fact the Octave Alva+ and the Ferber have been used as rental bikes. Really nice 2 year warranty on the bikes. This year they are using a mounting system on the bikes and were able to mount an ABUS folding lock.
Here is Courts video from Interbike with Kyle from A2B