2016 iZip e3 Dash - Read on...


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2016 iZip e3 Dash ebike in New York City. Size small. Non-working (read below)

Decent shape, about 1k miles on it. Can cruise with pedal assist at an honest 26-28mph. Used for 13-14 mile one way commute at "highest power level" when I was to lazy to ride a non-powered bike.

Will get 25 mile range with a reasonable midrange setting.

Retailed for about $3k

In Fall of 2021 during a ride had the battery fail all of a sudden, and now the battery won't charge. Don't know if its the battery itself, a simple connection, etc. Don't have time to diagnose, nor am I looking to replace the battery @ $500. looking to spend the $$ on something new.

Comes with charger and battery keys, etc.