2016 Models and the power delivery

Ravi Kempaiah

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I have been testing the 2016 models at our store.
Just a heads up.

The 2016 models come with 500W motors that run at 48V but to me it felt like the ECO mode has been dialed down and now the assist is more gradual. I am attributing this to changes in the controller algorithm.
One of the complaints in the earlier model years was that ECO mode was too powerful.

In STD & SPORT modes, the bike is quite powerful.

I have been seeing increased range as well. Not sure if this is because of summer or just because of the way battery designed.

If you haven't seen this video already.



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I've observed the same - the power levels are much more meaningful, which is a good thing! I've also observed on my evo snow (2015), which has snow (AWD), front, rear and eco modes (eco starts with the rear motor for torque then transitions to the front for speed and less power use). I've also noticed that if I set it to the eco mode, that the overall power output is much less (and might also stop at 15mph in line with European standards) - this would make sense as I would consider that amount of power/top speed definitely economic with regards to power consumption!


Is that peak power of normal? I'm a big guy and I like the feel of a 500W motor and up.


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Is the 500W motor noticeably more powerful than the old 350? Just wondering since I guess you have experience on both drives.