2016 Raleigh and Cobi Update from Interbike

Ann M.

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Larry Pizzi shared all the nuts and bolts of a wide range of new products for Raleigh, some utilizing the smartphone connected Cobi system and all with mid drive motors. BTW waterbottle bosses included ;)

Larry Pizzi, the SVP of Raleigh Electric Bikes met with me to share some of their new ebikes. The 2016 ebikes are all center drive (mid-drive) and use Shimano STEPS and TranzX.

- One of the most affordable is the Detour iE which comes in high-step and step-thru along with several sizes for $2,299 and that one uses the Shimano S.T.E.P.S. the brakes are hydraulic disc, is pedal assist only (Class 1).
- One of the sportier urban commuters is the Misceo iE Sport that sells for $2,799. The frame is lighter and more nimble (uses a carbon fiber fork). The bike is only ~43 lbs and includes bottle bosses! It uses a Shimano SLX 11 speed drivetrain.
- The Misceo iE (non-sport version) has electronic shifting and has two shimano button pads that use the E Tube system that dealers tend to be more familiar with. They also use a Can Bus electronics platform for updates.
- The Sprite iE uses the Currie Electrodrive system by TranzX and goes for just $1,799 using a 400 watt battery pack with Panasonic cells. It’s a pedal assist only ebike but does have an optional throttle boost button (the bike is pre-wired for these). The boost button “throttle” goes between the grip and the brake lever adjustment. I like the magnetic handle on the battery pack… and that it weighs less than 4 pounds :) this model comes in low-step only but is available in three frame sizes.
- The Route iE is a speed pedelec that senses torque and rotational sensing and is capable of reaching 28 mph. It offers front suspension.
- The Takoa iE is more of a hardtail off-road or trail electric bike. It uses Shimano Deore XT and has an 11 speed cassette. It has 29” wheels and also has hydraulic disc brakes.
- The Sprint iE is also a speed pedelec and this one uses an internal battery pack that goes into the side of the downtube, this one uses the TranzX M25 that is a 500 watt motor that can reach 28 miles per hour offering 75 Nm of torque for under $3,000 and has a Shimano SLX drivetrain. This model comes with Cobi but you can add it to other systems for an additional $179.

The TranzX motor can generate 70 Nm torque output which is pretty high. These ebikes are all using rotational speed sensing “cadence sensing” and use upgraded chains that offer more strength (important given the extra stress of mid-drive motors) but some also have torque sensing.

The new Cobi system has been introduced as an option on many of the Raleigh electric bikes and this brings signaling feedback, route guidance (using LED lights). This technology was first introduced from Frankfurt Germany (it was only 15 months old when this video was filmed). The idea is to put the smart phone at the center of the cycling experience. The system works with iPhone 6, 6+ and Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S6. The system charges your phone while using it as a control panel for the bike. You can get a universal case for other phones. The system includes a very cool light that automatically adjusts based on the ambient environment lighting. The Cobi system has a 6,000 miliamp battery but can also be used with a dynamo hub. You can also control your music playlist, navigate your phone book and call or take cals with your smart phone. They were able to integrate it with the bike as a “hands free” device because they use bluetooth to connect. It connects with canbus to other electric bike models. visit www.cobi.bike for more information.

Jack Tyler

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Unbelieveable! The last segment with Andre was drool-generating for me. How can someone who spend thousands for an ebike NOT be tempted to buy COBI?