2016 Raleigh Sprite woes

Mary B

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I bought this bike 11 months ago, and it started malfunctioning right away.

The symptom was that, even on a fresh fully charged battery, at the lowest level of assist, "lobat" would suddenly and erratically appear on the controller display and the motor would shut down. It started doing this the very first time I took it out for a ride, and every time afterward. There was no information about this error code in the user information that came with the bike, or on the Raleigh website.

If I turned off the power (click-hold button on the battery to take it out of standby mode), wait a couple minutes, then turn on the battery and the controller, sometimes I would get power assist for a while. But sooner or later, the "lobat" word would show up in the controller window, and the power would shut down. Eventually though I could not get power assist at all - "lobat" showed constantly in the controller display.

I took the bike to my shop and they cleaned the connections where the battery plugs in to the bike, and it seemed to be okay for the whole 2 mile ride home. But then the next time I took it out, I got "lobat" again within a few blocks. I also couldn't figure out why a new bike would need its connectors cleaned, but that is neither here nor there.

Right now, my bike is back at the dealer while they work out what to do about it. They are working with the vendor to figure out what to do. In internet searches, I have found a few reports of this behavior for ebikes using the same battery/motor/controller system.

Another thing I noticed is that the assist level is way too high to be useful, even in the highest gear, except when going uphill which I guess is fortunate since the motor isn't working most of the time. on assist level 1, it is not necessary to pedal hardly at all even in the highest gear on a level surface (and I am a grandmother). I realize this could be something poorly calibrated in the bike that is causing all the problems.

I will report back once I hear from my bike dealer what is going to happen. For now, I would unfortunately not recommend buying one of these ebikes.
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