2016 Shimano Steps Update from Interbike

Ann M.

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A system used by various ebike brands, the Shimano Steps has new designs for this year that were introduced at Interbike. It's great to get a chance to look inside one of the motors!

Shimano was a sponsor of the Circuit electric bike test track at Interbike and they gave me a demonstration of their new mid-drive electric bike setup called the STEPS system. It has electronic DI2 shifting with an 11 speed internally geared hub in the rear as well as electronic controls for the motor (that match the shifters, you can actually switch which control pad operates either system). The bike in the video was designed by Jeremy SyCip of SyCip Designs.

- More about Shimano STEPS: https://shimano-steps.com/
- More about Jeremy SyCip of SyCip Designs: http://sycip.com/

Shimano STEPS stands for “Shimano Total Electric Propulsion System” and you can see a review of their drive on the Raleigh Misceo iE here: http://electricbikereview.com/raleigh...


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The Eurobike 2017 had lot of eMTBs using Shimano E8000 drive system. I have my eye on Merida ebig.Trail, just need to wait for it to be released.