2016 Turbo S vs 2016 Stromer St2


The quoted power output for the Giant bikes is 1000 watt motor @ 80 NM of torque, the ST2 and the Turbo S are rated at 500-750 watt and around 35-40 NM...So I don’t understand how you can say they cant be compared when on paper according to the manufacturer the Giant should feel much stronger. However in real world testing it was much easier to get up to speed with the Hub drives vs the mid drives. Rear hub felt much quicker.

I wasn’t the only test rider who liked the rear hubs over the mid drive. YMMV

I don't know which yamaha motor you are talking about. What I know the yamaha motor I refer to is limited 25km/h and 250watt (500watt).

Yamaha 2016 electric bike system:
- 250 watts to 500 watts power output
- 80 Newton meters of torque
- 36 volt 11 amp hour battery
- 4 amp charger weighing 2 lbs (0.91 kg)
- 7.6 lb (3.45 kg) motor, 6.5 lb (2.95 kg) battery, 14.1 lb (6.4 kg) total
- 38T sprocket
- Assist levels: Eco+: 50%, Eco: 100%, Std: 180%, High: 280%


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Hey bazzapage, you're in Auckland eh? Where did you buy the koolstop brake pads from as I want to change the stock pads on my base Turbo for these. Cheers :)
Richard, I bought them online via Bike24.com - just ordered another set so have have them in reserve when I need them.