2016 Turbo X Headlight / Taillight

Evan Harbuck

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It is my understanding that the 2016 Turbo X does not include an integrated headlight or taillight like on the standard Turbo and Turbo S models -- does anyone know if it's possible to instal integrated lights on the Turbo X that are wired to run off the battery. It appears the other two models are using Supernova E3 lights which can be purchased by themselves but I can't find any resources that show how one might actually wire the lights to the internal electronics. I imagine the battery and electronics must be similar enough between the models that this should be possible but I haven't seen or read anything about it being done. Any ideas? Thanks!

Evan Harbuck

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I spoke to someone at Specialized today and they said that it couldn't be done without significant modification to the wiring and that doing so would void the warranty! It seems bizarre that the 2015 X includes them and the 2016 S does as well. I wonder what makes the 2016 X so drastically different? It looks like I'll have to figure out a different strategy for lighting. Thanks for the feedback!
Look on the "bright" side....you won't have to tolerate the headlight and tail light being on while charging (that would be a problem where I keep my bike at work) and all your battery charge goes toward increased range. There are great rechargeable USB headlights and tail lights. I like a helmet mounted light so I can use it in the dark to fix a flat, etc.

Douglas Ruby

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Purchase a rechargeable headlight and mount to the bars or front fork. The Serfas UTL-6 Thunderbolt taillight is awesome. I put mine on the seat post even though my Turbo has the three little LED tail lights already.


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I use a light at all times on a bicycle. My road bike has a dynamo hub and I notice the difference in traffic responding. I never have to think about where my light s are or whether they are charged. I always ride the Turbo with lights on especially since I am moving faster than some people expect. It seems like an odd place to cut costs.