2017 Specialized Levo intermittent power issue


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Hello all, I’m trying to troubleshoot my 2017 Specialized Levo. There is an intermittent power issues that is making this bike not as fun as it should be. I’d love to get back to riding and I have a few questions please:

When the bike is on, and I have data on the motor and batter in the Mission Control app, should I be able to measure 36V at the motor data/power connector? At this point, I should also be able to measure 12V at the orange and brown wires, correct?

If the app is populating data for motor and battery, could I consider the CAN and 12v are working properly?

Is there a schematic for this bike somewhere?

In the mission control app, under battery, I see Current: 0.00A, is this normal?

Here is what I know:
I bought this bike used and suspect the previous owner had intermittent power issues. I cannot contact him.

I’ve replaced both Rosenberger male and female plugs as I suspected that was the intermittent power issue I was having. After changing the Rosenberger plugs, I discovered another wire issues on the motor terminal right of the crank. Inside the connector itself, the orange and brown wires appear to be very poorly connected within the sealed glue. I discovered this by measuring continuity to the pins all the way up to the battery. If any of you are having intermittent power issues, I suggest checking this.

1000 miles, 65 charge cycles

Battery firmware = 2.17.1 and motor firmware = 4.0.1

Thank you in advance!!! I love this bike and want to keep riding.