2018 iGO Elite - review after 4,600 miles


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Summary: mine is a lemmon. I don't want it anymore.

Background: experienced daily bike commuter, been building and repairing bikes for 30+ years. Ride about 6000 miles/year, mostly commuting miles, some recreational (road).

22 months of daily (when it worked) use, 4600 miles ridden on city streets in and around Tucson, AZ, mostly dry conditions, road surfaces usually are rough/chipseal/cracks/potholes.

Bought it online in April 2018, after liking my Juiced CrossCurrentAir, but needing something with a more upright position, better ergonomic handlebar, front suspension fork, larger battery, faster motor and longer range and low step through frame. This seemed to fit the bill.

- decent range (30-40 miles)
- great acceleration, quiet motor
- low step frame, quick adjust stem and telescopic front fork make for a comfortable upright ride
- great customer service (once you get a hold of them)
- excellent sturdy rear rack

- lemmon
- speed wobble and unstable handling due to frame geometry
- getting hold of customer service can take days/weeks, no local shops to do repairs
- internal cable routing and location of controller make repairs difficult, need DIY skills
- acoustic disk brake a bit weak setup for the speeds you can get up to on a bike like this. It literally eats break pads and requires frequent readjustment for decent breaking.
- plastic - frame components are held in place by tiny cheap screws: the plastic bottom bracket cover over the wires/controller is now hacked on with tape, and the top plastic bracket that holds the battery in the frame is loose, rattles, I had to tape the battery around the frame to stop rattling/movement and needed to pry battery out with a tool to remove coz it got stuck from loose plastic bracket.

History of lemmon-ness:
April 2018: purchased online, arrived in a timely manner well packaged, minimal home assembly and I was out riding, it was great.

April 2018 - I parked it at bike rack without kickstand, and it fell over, the loose rear fender (by design) ripped the rear light cable out. This caused electrical problems, could no longer control lights, so I disconnected them.

May - July 2018 - motor stalled with a grind and was dead. Over the next 2 months, repeated chats and emails with tech support, they first sent a rear wheel (motor) replacement, and when that didn't fix it, they sent a new controller. I changed the controller, which is extremely difficult due to the internal wiring and location of the controller (local ebike shop refused to service this bike because of that).

August 2018 - pedal sensor failure within weeks after getting the bike running finally from the controller mishap. Motor would cut out with every half circle of pedaling. iGO sent new pedal sensor, which is the easiest repair I have done on this bike.

June 2019 - I crashed while turning at low speed over hard to see gravel patch (normal road conditions here). Suffered severe left foot injury (bike fell and crushed my foot under it).

October 2019: ran over a 2 inch long piece of rebar (normal road conditions here) that impailed rear tire, 1 mile from work, had to walk it in. Ordered new tire and tube online and eventually repaired it at work. Getting a new tire over this rim is very, very difficult.

Jan- Feb 2020: motor started grinding intermittently, failing and pulling extra juice from the battery. No error messages for weeks. iGO sent replacement motor (wheel only, I had to move over the tire/tube, cassette and break rotor). Still broken, rode it 1-2 days with intermittent grinding to halt and "Error 7" intermittently, but would work if turned on/off. Finally ground to a complete stop (on the way to work of course, so I had to ride it manually 4 miles), permanent "Error 1". iGO thinks it's a faulty controller again.

I don't really want to fix it anymore.