2018 Raleigh Redux iE


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I have an opportunity to purchase a used 2018 Redux iE for $600.00 The owner said it sat out in the rain and the battery is dead. It looks like I can purchase a battery, but it would be $799.00. From the photos it looks to be in good shape and has fenders and a rack. I will first check the battery voltage, but I was wondering if there is an internal fuse.

I would like any feedback from the group as to whether I should walk away from this “deal”.


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Thats an awesome price for a battery if you can get it for that. Care to share where you got that quote?

I got a quote for my iZip Moda E3 (exact same bike) battery of $1500.


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Yikes! Love my Moda 3 (same bike as the Redux) but had no idea the battery was sooooo expensive. In any event, where do you get these batteries...at any price?
How long do they last? Does the replacement depend on battery usage miles or the age of the battery?
I have three years on my bike/battery, albeit with very low mileage, and it seems to be running fine. Fingers crossed.