2018 Urban plus Battery lock cylinder system


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I plan to change the whole battery lockcylinder system for my Urban plus 2018 coz I the previous owner lost 2 keys already. After doing a lot of research, I reckon that Bosch installs Locking Removable Downtube-Integrated Battery Pack (Cylinder and Key by Trelock). It means that I can drill out the old key cylinder and replace it with the new one from Trelock. However, I got stuck when looking for Trelock key cylinder system coz there are several versions and designs. Since I cannot take the battery out, I don't know exactly the part code or design of the Trelock. Can anyone take some close up photos of the Urban plus lock cylinder (inside bike frame)? I greatly appreciate your help! Here is the photo of the Trelock that I think it is probably the one that Bosch intalls inside the Urban plus 2018 frame.
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I think the lock cylinder is under the plastic black cover (red circle). Can anyone unscrew the 2 hexagonal bolts, take the black plastic cover out and take some photos of the lock cylinder.
I greatly appreciate your help as I have no clue about the exact lock cylinder that is installed in the Urban plus. Thanks!


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