2019 BULLS Electric Bikes - Interbike Video, North America


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BULLS had one of the largest booths at Interbike 2018, showcasing their 2019 lineup. This was the first year for the event to be held in Reno, Nevada, and BULLS was also doing demos at Northstar during Outdoor Demo Day. I was able to speak with Adam Anderson, Sales and Marketing Manager, about the different updates and products coming our way.

Feel free to skip ahead with these timestamps:
  • We start off with the mountain models
  • Trekking/Urban bikes begin at 10:59
  • FAZUA concept ebike ALPINE HAWK at 20:50
  • New Brand PEGASUS introduction at 23:05

BULLS is using the following drive systems for 2019:
  • Shimano E8000 with TwinCore battery for long range (each pack is 375 watt hours for a total of 750 watt hours if you run both)
  • Brose S Mag with SuperCore battery for long range (each pack is 750 watt hours), Brose T, and Brose TF possibly with the same battery
  • Bosch Performance Line CX, Bosch Active Line
The twin core battery will be available in the all mountain and enduro models with Shimano E8000. It sounds like all of the new mountain bikes will come with MonkeyLink magnetic mounts for use with fenders, integrated lights, and bottle solutions. Adam told me that MonkeyLink is actually owned by the parent company of BULLS, which is neat. SKS will also be carrying or distributing them to North America. You can remove the bottle mounts for MonkeyLink and use them for standard bottle cages, folding locks, mini pumps, and other accessories. All of the new models will come in multiple sizes (though I'm not sure that's completely correct if we include the kid sized ebike?). BULLS is a German ebike company that started as a dealer coop. They use economies of scale to keep prices reasonable and are distributed all throughout Europe with over 1,000 certified dealers and now in North America (US and Canada).

It sounds like BULLS is targeting the 150 mile range for their new TwinCore and SuperCore batteries, which offer up to 750 watt hours of capacity... pretty awesome! BULLS will be using the BLOKS display panel for with the Brose system vs. the Marquardt because it has a lower profile, seems to be more visible with speedread, bluetooth, and it offers more information. Adam and I chatted about how each drive system performs and some of the benefits... Brose offers high cadence output, Shimano seems to offer instant power for quick climbing on steep sections, and Bosch offers the eMTB mode with extra power and great reliability. It sounds like all of the BULLS electric bikes will be 1x drivetrains. Adam said that most of the battery systems would be backwards compatible when I asked specifically about the Brose custom battery packs. Towards the end of our chat, Adam talked about mountain bike motors in city bikes and some belt drive vs. chain drivetrains. Later in the show, we saw the LACUBA EVO Lite with Nexus Inter-5E electronic internally geared hub drive system. Towards the end, we looked at a concept road model with the FAZUA motor+battery system! It sounds like the ALPINE HAWK EVO with FAZUA evation motor and battery system will be available in the 2020 or 2021 seasons, it's expensive but is built around a full carbon fiber frame.

At the very end of our BULLS tour, Adam introduced PEGASUS, which is another German brand that has been around for over 25 years! It's a value brand for them, and is part of the BULLS parent company.

To run the forums, host the website, and travel, I have introduced a universal service fee for my reviews and some in-depth videos like this one. BULLS paid me to produce this longer interview video. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased, this video and post are not meant to be an endorsement of their products. Because there was payment exchanged, I am labeling this video as an #AD to be transparent and honest with you.


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