2019 giant explore e+2


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so I just got my giant April 1st first thing I did was harass unite cycle and then giant and yamaha and got nothing no where real quick 2 weeks ago I just started playing around looking at ant+ and I came here but the only thing I got was right here I kinda figured some stuff out but nothing about that which I was looking for so here it is if your trying to actually just see what she can do its fun I had alot of people yelling at me honking it didn't bring too much good attention thats for dam sure and I was only ripping maybe 3 city blocks.....

and yes it sounds like its all trashed well yes it is 4 days ago I crashed hard motor and frame are solid nothing wrong with them just my derauler and front and rear rim are crooked and I tore the entire disc and mound right off my front rim so thats also why you didn't just see me go full on re#$&ed she's a little shakey and I already know what it feels like to flip this thing doing 40k so please enjoy lol