2019 haibike sduro fullnine 8.0 with 7000 Km pw-x motor issues


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Starting with last year I started having motor issues with my 2019 Haibike Sduro Fullnine 8.0. These happened less often before but nowdays they tend to drive me crazy.
My e-bike has little over 7000 Km. I had no other issues with the motor, did not have any accidents and my riding style is not aggressive at all. I do not jump but I do tend to stay in the pedals when going down.

What happens is that when I hit some sort of bump (doesn't have to be a big one) I suddenly hear a high pitch noise and I loose assistance. The crank arms seem very strange, different from how I feel them when the motor is off (or the assistance is off). Sometimes this problem also occurs when switching gears on flat surfaces.
The problem disappears by itself after a couple of seconds when I suddenly feel a kick in the pedals - the assistance is back.
I already replaced my transmission completely (chain, chainrings, cassette), my speed sensor, my spoke magnet and even tried with a different battery. The problem still persists.
I do not receive any error code when this happens. Don't know if related but only once I got an error 38 after I was in the wrong gear for a climb and gently pressed the pedals.

Motor is not in warranty anymore but actually thank god I didn't have any issues in warranty, been enjoying it a lot so far.

What do you think it could be? I performed the diagnosis using the display and everything seems ok there. 0.5 V torque sensor voltage (range is 0.2-1.1), 0 - FL range when pressing the pedal with the rear brake on.


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Ended up replacing the motor, too difficult to diagnose the exact problem. The new motor cost ~900 euros at the Kerobike dealership in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania.
Hope I can fix it in the future while I enjoy riding the new motor.