2019 Magnum Premium High-Step with 16Ah battery


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I chose the Magnum Premium over a selection of mostly 4”-fat tire bikes for several reasons. I wanted a folding bike with a riding position similar to that of my road bike; a high capacity battery to maximize range; a suspension system and a rear rack. Some unusual features of the Magnum Premium were particularly attractive: the Mag wheels; the fold up seat (battery removal does not require moving the seat post); a sealed, twelve magnet cadence sensor; and a class 3 rating.

After several weeks of riding the Magnum, some other features I've grown to appreciate are that PAS selections cycle over (0 is one press up from 6); that the twist shifter makes it easy to “roll” thru the gears (one way going up hill and the other way as you level off); that the bike including the rack is very well made, rigid and stable on the road; and that the second trip odometer lets you easily keep track of miles per charge.

A few features are compromises such as a very narrow mechanical gear range (14-28T); AAA battery powered head and tail lights; lack of mounts for a front rack or a bottle holder; the plastic folding pedals that fold too easily; and the forward mounted kick-stand that gets in the way of pedal rotation.

My Magnum is about five pounds heavier than advertised-- a disappointment since one of the reasons I initially selected this bike with 2” tires was that it was considerably lighter than its fat-tire competitors. Still, that was a good choice since the tires used are very road worth and give the bike a smooth, secure ride.

Operationally, there are some very nice features and a few compromises. The display, cadence sensor and controller work very well together. The display is clear and easy to read, but doesn't give the ride details I've grown used to with modern bike computers. The position and operation of the brake levers, throttle, gear shift and controller switches are all comfortable. The throttle works at PAS=0, engages smoothly and accelerates easily to a bit over the nominal 20 mph limit.

The three power modes (POWER, NORMAL and ECO) don't seem to be very different, but the six PAS selections give you a wide range of choices. Maximum steady speed with my weight on the flat is 25 mph and the bike feels stable and in control at speed. Not surprisingly, the PAS setting controls both the top speed and the range. For example, on a very hilly route with several steep, long climbs, the range has varied from 25 miles (POWER mode, PAS =6) to 35 miles (ECO mode, PAS =3) with average speeds of 21 mph and 16 mph respectively.

After several weeks and 300 miles I'm very pleased with the Magnum Premium. It has good power and acceptable range considering my riding style (steady moderate cadence, high point-to-point speeds), size (6' plus, 220 plus) and the hilly rural terrain of my rides.