2020 : Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

Stefan Mikes

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Brwinów (PL)
Thank you @percymon so much!

P.S. Westbrook Cycles had a single set, and tried to charge some 39 quids for shipment :) I found N&T replacement (compatible) pads at Ebay.co.uk (ordered), and @TS25 was so kind to find a German online store that carries the original pads, too.

Thank you all! (What would I do without you, Forum friends?!)
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My Rover ST 20200605_163048.jpg


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Silicon Valley
A location that has integrated urban structure, no farms within its clearly defined boundaries, fully developed utility system (water, sewage, electricity, gas network), and a development plan might be qualified by the Government to receive a status of a city in Poland. (The population criterion of 2,000 is not taken into account anymore).

Jacek the Mechanic

The chain of my Vado had started slipping on two smallest cogs of the cassette after chain replacement. An EBR Forum member from a great European country was so kind as to send me replacement cogs, so I wouldn't need to replace the entire cassette (hear, hear!) Currently, there is spare-part drought in the market... I was able to ride out too see my brother Jacek at 9:40 a.m. on Saturday. The weather was so-so (initially, it was some 14 C and dreary). I knew Jacek had some plans for the day, so I had to ride rather fast. After riding some 12 km, I just went into the Turbo mode... (I could afford it, having taken a spare battery with me). I rode up Jacek's location quite fast!

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The other brother Piotr works for a road-sign manufacturer. This is a road-sign for tanks. As there is a significant presence of NATO/U.S. forces in Poland nowadays, such road-signs have become necessary.

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Jacek started the work with disassembling the Shimano SLX CS-M7000 (11-46T) cassette and washing it in white spirit.

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Reassembling the cassette...

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Almost finished. The two top cogs are the new ones.

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The front fender started rattling again... Fixed!

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Per advice of @Sierratim, the contacts of both batteries and the one inside the Vado have been cleaned and greased.

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-- "Brother! There is no front brake in the Vado for you anymore! The brake pads are completely worn!" Jacek had transferred good brake pads from the rear to the front brake, and made a temporary fix for the rear one. No TRP Q20.11 brake pads available throughout Europe by Christmas!

Had I known how much of maintenance is necessary for heavily ridden e-bikes, I wouldn't have bought three of them... (No N+1 e-bike anymore!) After several hours spent with Jacek, I set off for the next part of the ride, to the Wawrzyszew Cemetery.

Poland celebrates our loved deceased ones on November 1st (All Saints Day) and the 2nd (The Souls' Day). The holiday means we visit the family graves to put flowers, light candles and pray for the souls. This year, November 1st is on Sunday. It would be crazy to visit cemeteries on these days in the covid-year. Visiting the cemetery on last Saturday meant no crowds.

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Our family grave in my home neighbourhood of Wawrzyszew. My beloved Wife, Mom & Dad, and Uncle Stefan (d. 1937) are buried there.

Afterwards, I made a long ride through streets of Warsaw. I took the full benefit of the Vado being "a moped" and was riding with traffic only (no bike paths). There was sunshine, pleasant temperature up to 18 C and very mild wind, so it was a very nice ride! I admit I took all the benefits of riding with the spare battery (50/50 or 70/70 Sport modes). I was tired at the end of the ride though.

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A 37 km ride to Jacek took me 1 h 18 minutes (approximately what I would have spent by driving the car but the e-bike let me avoid numerous traffic jams!) Only now I realise what we call Cracow Avenue is an almost straight road!

Today, the time was changed to the winter one again. I could have slept longer but woke up at night...
Stefan, a very interesting post!

We need to get you a pair of handlebar jack stands for your repair work... your brother will thank you! ;)



David Berry

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Ipswich, QLD
Maintaining a safe distance …

Cattle & Camels : Wanora, Queensland

Wanora, Queensland
I'm not quite as brave as this photo suggests; there are multiple strands of barbed wire immediately in front of my ebike. I didn't trust the black one on the left!

This ride was between torrential rain showers. In a day or two, the fields should be green again. The farmers, and we gardeners, live in hope.

I suspect that one or two members of this herd might be interlopers!

Those with eagle eyes might also notice that my Homage is, once again, held together with velcro straps around the down tube. Despite its outstanding design concept, this is one seriously flawed ebike! Let's hope that the 2021 Homages won't shake themselves apart on rough tracks.


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Went to Cuyuna Recreational area this weekend. We booked the cabin in August knowing October can be iffy for weather!
But 8" of snow in one day! We made the best of it!
Trail riding was pretty awful! The snow was heavy so it coated the branches of the buckthorn and formed frozen snow arches over the trail right at face height!


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After the hunt for brake pads, he told me to buy a Tektro Brake Bleed Kit... I've had enough! :D
FWIW, replacing worn pads doesn't necessarily require bleeding your brakes, just resetting the pistons with a simple lever so the new pads will once again fit. Bleeding the brakes is necessary if there has been a leak of brake fluid that allowed air into the hydraulic system. Unless you saw brake fluid at a fitting or the brake levers felt spongy you should be OK just resetting the pistons and replacing the pads.


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Thank you @percymon so much!

P.S. Westbrook Cycles had a single set, and tried to charge some 39 quids for shipment :) I found N&T replacement (compatible) pads at Ebay.co.uk (ordered), and @TS25 was so kind to find a German online store that carries the original pads, too.

Thank you all! (What would I do without you, Forum friends?!)
Yes lots of N&T on eBay.

shipping costs lol I bet it’s about £5 to send to Poland, even 3 day express tracked would be under £10 I’d imagine.

Art Deco

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It's that time of year …

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George Street, Goodna, QLD
7.35 am; 6 km (of 106 km)
It's that time of year? Not quite: the jacaranda trees are in bloom, as they always are during October, but the sports field in the background has not been transformed for the annual Jacaranda Festival. Cancelled for some reason!

For those who are interested in checking places on Google Maps: enter this link to see the trees in bloom and the Jacaranda Festival (Satellite View) or the trees in leaf (Street View).

Jacarandas are trees with dual personalities: mauve flowers or bright green leaves. Take your choice but don't ask for both at the same time! Actually, there is a bit of an overlap but it is accompanied by a dreadful mess of dropped flowers on the ground.


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Oh, sorry ADeco, when I see the word Jacaranda I get chills down my spine as that was the tree I chopped down in the back yard to put the kids batting cage in. Did not go over so well with the wife. (Former wife)

We get along great now and I still love the purple buds...


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Over the last few months a few of us have got together and ride every Sunday. Yesterday we decided to drive an hour and a ha December 2019lf to Ohope Beach to ride a local road called Burma Road. Burma Road is a paper road which is formed at both ends and in the middle where it meets another road. We started in the middle and rode to where that part of the road ended, Lifted the bikes over a locked gate and carried on up the hill. The "road" wound uphill for a couple of Ks and was now an old farm track which had been scoured out by frequent rain and had no maintenance performed this century, and not much all of last century either. The suspension on my MTB got a good workout.

At the top any semblance of a road disappeared and all we had was a space between 2 fencelines.

The fenceline disappeared and it was just down the side of the hill. The cattle didn't mind but we had to watch where we put our wheels.

Back in civilisation it was lunch on the sandhills at the beach. No-one went swimming although there were people in there. In the last photo if you Zoom in, right in the centre on the horizon is White Island, an active vulcano. On 9 December 2019 after many years of just steaming away, without warning it blew killing 21 people Those who survived were severely burnt.
After lunch it was back to the mid point of Burma Road to do the other half


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David Berry

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Ipswich, QLD
Jacarandas in the country …

Jacarandas : Bremervale Arabian Stud : Borallon, Queensland

Entrance to Bremervale Arabian Stud
Borallon, Queensland
I took this jacaranda's portrait early yesterday. Around midday a violent storm went through the area and so, when I rode that way this morning, I expected to find the tree stripped bare and many branches lying on the ground. Not so; although there were many trees uprooted the edge of the storm must have been a few kilometres south. Saved!
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A panoramic view from Maisie's Peak this afternoon... long climb and the temps are now dropping to the 60's in California.
If you look closely at the last photo you can see the Spaceship at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino... my son works there.

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I once worked at a small company in the Valley that was know as Apple Computer Inc. Time marches on, and old stock options become retirement plans!...😎