2020 REVI CHEETAH (never rode) for sale in Kansas

Ks Kev

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I'm so heart broken on this deal..... I just got the REVI CHEETAH then put together with the bundle package ( panniers, rear rack, headlight gaurd, fenders and the biggest battery
(48v 17.5 Ah) then found out with my ankolosing spondilitis
(a auto immune deficiency) which effects the joints, my hips will NOT allow me to get On this bike! Can't swing the leg up high enough to clear the seat!
Tried the leaning the bike over, no help...... Even tried a step stool, not pretty or practical, so came to realize that the bike won't work for me!
SO, selling at a deep discount to move! This bike has NOT been rode on yet!!!! Paid $2876.00 will let it go for $2200.00!!!
If interested, drop me a line! Thanks for looking!


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Goodluck on the sale, that is one beautiful bike!! If you was in the Northwest and if we had a stimulus check coming, i would be seriously interested.


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What a beautiful bike, I’m sure somebody will buy that quickly
hope you find a step through that works better for you


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Dont sell it man , I have the same problem and a dropper post will set you free ! Get one with the lever under the seat instead of the remote .