2020 Rize model

Max Hunterus

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Hi everybody. Today I have ordered a 17Ah LG | Hydraulic Brakes | Torque Sensor version of a Rize model. Before ordering I have called them and the sales rep who I was talking to said that they never anticipated the demand would be so high especially for the upgraded models, so they do not have any in stock left and they have to place a manufacturing order. Apparently they make them somewhere in China with the parts coming from Taiwan so if everything will run smoothly I will get it end of June. When ordering you just pay $200 deposit and it is refundable anytime so I guess it's pretty safe. I will keep you posted guys on how that goes.


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Congrates...I just ordered the same bike...Matte Black. Late June/early July delivery. Being in Canada, I wanted to make my purchase in Canadian $...Rize seemed like the best choice.


Which bike did you order? We have two of the Spark (previous company name) Mini's and really enjoy riding them, not a lot of km's yet but so far quite reliable and no nasty tendencies when riding.