2020 Rize X Easy Upgrades


I really like my X. It can hit upwards of 30 mph and feel very stable on the road, although rip through the battery as speeds above 22.

Some people are having issue with brake noise on hard braking, but I found a change of pads, and cleaning up of the rotor, solved that issue.
>> new pads on Amazon

I found that pedaling above 24 mph was pretty impossible for me, even with the 9 speed 11-34 rear cog. I wound up converting the chainring to 50 teeth (from 42 teeth), and added some chain links and new guard. I can now pedal at my top speed of 28 to 30 mph.
>> 50 tooth Vuelta chainring
>> 50 tooth DriveTrain chainguard

>> KMC chain for extra links

I'm 6 foot, 180 lbs, but the long rides on an ebike need to be comfortable! This seat does the trick even without suspension seat post, which I found to raise the height too much for me with this seat.
>>Ybeki Saddle

Even with the adjustable stem, I needed more rise. The 5 inch rise, with a 30 degree angle in the adjustable stem did the trick.
>>Box Components BMX handlebar

Not used in the tradition way, these extensions provide me with all the hand positions options I need.
>>Boxer Bar End
>> Short Grips for Boxer Bar

*Mirror and horn were ordered from Rize


Handlebar boxer bar close up
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Herr Wolf

Very nice review of upgrades. I have that same saddle which I put on my road bike Ybeki Saddle no more butt hurt, it looks funny on a road bike but all that matters is the ride and when I get home no pain.

Swapping out the crank is interesting. Looks like an increase of 6MPH not bad at all. I wonder if a compact would work?

Fun to play around and make changes. Thanks for sharing. Great changes and great looking bike!


Those handlebars looks pretty awesome. I have the Leisure Step and although it is relatively upright I would like to raise my bars higher. I am 6'2" so I am still bent over a bit. Can I just use the 2 spacers that came with the bike? I didn't know whether those spacers that were included were just for packaging the bike or if you could use them to raise the bars higher.


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I agree, very nicely done review, especially with the links.

Still on my original brake pads. Coming up on 100 miles, they have yet to be heard. That may be short lived, as I have not had the bike in the hills I frequently ride yet, and most of my riding has been done at fairly low speeds.

I'm waffling back and forth between that same ultra wide seat and a big fabric covered C9 seat. My issue with the ultra wide is those damn wings on either side of it. Getting this overweight 70 year old man's leg over that extra height created by them, every time you get on and off, is the downside for any extra comfort you get. I have both, have gone back and forth twice now, and still can't decide which I like better for that reason!

I put a 2.5" stem riser under the standard adjustable handlebar mount and changed the bars to some with quite a bit of wrist friendly sweep back. Had just enough cable length to install both and this 6'2" frame is now comfortably upright.

Last, I've replaced the stock tires with 4" pavement tires (Origin 8's) to reduce the noise on pavement - which is where I spend much/most of my time. The bike is used as more of an on/off road hybrid though. A new experience to me, these tires have a lot of "self steering" when run too soft. I've found after a lot of messing around that a good low pressure tire pressure gauge is essential as 1 or 2 lbs of pressure can make a very noticeable difference in ride and handling (new tires and original). I'm 315 lbs, and using 17 in the front, 16 in the rear, and that seems to be a good compromise on ride, with a minimum of "self" steering. Clearly, the pressure you run might be a little less. Also, no noticeable difference in rolling resistance old vs. new. -Al



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