2020 Specialized Vado 3.0

Larry Nigro

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Picked up my Vado 3.0 today. Ordered it from Specialized, shipped to local bike ship Goodales in Hookset NH for assembly.
I added Ergon GP5-L grips, Garmin 810 mount, Wolf tooth B-Rad 2 base mount, and B-Rad Double barrel Bottle Cage. Haven't decided if I want to
replace pedals with Shimano SPD pedals. Still looking for a mirror looking at Hafney or Venzo mirror attached to handle bars. Have on order a Rack Time
Odin bag and a Brooks B17 saddle.


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Congratulations, Vados are fun to ride.
I should try som L-grips or similar too. I get a little neck pain if I don’t change grip or position now and then.
Need a GPS with maps too to tell me where I am.