2020 Turbo Vado - Early Impressions!

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Thanks for the update. I just pulled the trigger this afternoon and have a 50% deposit on a Vado 4.0 that they ordered for me. It should be in by late next week, but like you I have this Michigan weather to contend with. I had hoped it might be warm enough for me to ride it home, but it's a bit of a ride and it would not only have to be warm enough but also dry enough. So it's more likely I'll be picking it up on my Easyfold, which fortunately I bought last year so it's not in this year's "bike budget". ;)
Congrats on your new ebike Rochrunner!
Many fabulous miles and smiles.
I too am hoping for an early Spring this year.


Thank you Eric, this was an awesome article. I got my first e-bike in 2017 and went 1750 miles, 2018 was 1828 miles, and in 2019 I went 2050 miles. Like you I am in my later 50s and I feel much better and more fit than ever.

I like to say that an e-bike gets rid of all my excuses to not ride a bike. I rode my regular bike about 400 miles in 2016. Now if its windy, no problem, hotter day than normal, no problem, need to run an errand after work that takes me 7 miles out of my way, no problem.

The one thing that I would suggest though is to be extra careful, especially now with coronavirus. The hospitals can’t take ordinary cases any more and you really don’t want an accident.

By the way, the bike that I REALLY love is my iZip moda with a Brose motor. I have ridden a Specialized like yours and loved it, but it was more expensive than my iZip Moda. The Brose motor is the best one out there (in my opinion) and I have tried them all. The iZip Moda is sort of the same bike as the Vado except I don't have the really nice ability to connect it to a phone app and it doesn't do the shift detect that the Specialized does.

An e-bike changed my life and I use it more like a car now. I would highly recommend getting a rear rack to hold a big trunk bag with panniers. This allows you to go by bike to stores and get quite a bit and still haul it home. With a non e-bike, you would go oh crap now I have to go up the hill with an extra 20 pounds of groceries or other stuff that you picked up at a store.


I also highly recommend a trailer hitch on the car and a hitch rack for the bikes that holds the bikes by the tires (and maybe also holds the frame). There are many styles, I have a couple of friends that are really happy with the Saris rack (plus as a bonus they make those Saris racks down the end of the same street that my workplace is), that is Madison, Wisconsin.

I also recommend getting a suspension seat post (it is worth its weight in gold). I have the Suntour NCX and I really recommend it.

Finally, they do not tell people this but there are some tips and tricks to making the battery last forever. That is the battery should not be at 100% charge for a long period of time, nor should you ever run the battery all the way down to zero. This is what Tesla does to extend the life of the batteries (which are the same ones used in e-bikes just that there are thousands in a tesla and around 40 in and e-bike). It is okay to charge to 100% if you are going to immediately use the bike and run the battery down. I usually recharge when the battery gets down to 20-30%. If I know that I am not going to be using the bike for a couple of days or a week I do what I can so that bike sits at 50% charge.
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What advatage is it to Get A Vado 5 Vs Vado 3 or 4 ?? Mainly the battery ?
I was concerned about the smaller battery on the Vado 3.0 vs. the larger batteries on the Vado 4 and 5, but after owning my Vado 3.0 for the past 3 months, I find the Vado 3.0 battery very adequate for my 5 to 25 mile rides. And with the money I saved I was able to make the following modifications: larger Specialized comfort seat, ShockStop seat post, trunk bag, cell phone holder, larger 48 tooth front sprocket and larger front brake, all less than buying a Vado 4.0 or 5.0. Very happy 78 yr. old male rider.


I was concerned about the smaller battery on the Vado 3.0 vs. the larger batteries on the Vado 4 and 5, but after owning my Vado 3.0 for the past 3 months, I find the Vado 3.0 battery very adequate for my 5 to 25 mile rides.
I'll second that opinion - so far my longest ride is about 20 miles, and on a full charge there's maybe 55 or 60% battery left. No issues. I feel like 40 miles is doable - although I have not done it yet, to be honest. But 20 miles is a good bike ride for me! For the record, I love my 3.0 - it is a perfect ebike. Tho I have read about some online specials for a 4.0.