2021 Cube Kathmandu Pro 625


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I bought this bike in an XL frame size, 62cm. I'm a hair under 6' 7" and while it's a huge bike, it's a perfect size for a very tall rider like me. I was worried that it might be too big but it's just right and very comfortable. And I have to set the seat much lower than the minimum insertion point so it would probably suit even taller riders. I have a 36" inseam and the standover height is great. If you have a shorter inseam it might be too high. I like the adjustable handlebar stem since I'm a casual rider and like to sit quite upright. The motor is fantastic even for a tall, heavy person like me. I have to turn down the assist because it's too much most of the time but when you need the assist, it's there. My only issue so far is that the battery is so snug that it's almost impossible to get it in and out of the frame. I'm afraid I might snap the key. Other than that, I love this bike. If you're a very tall rider then it should fit you well. I had to have it shipped from across the country since there's so little stock anywhere. I was nervous of ordering without trying the frame size first. But it's great. Hopefully this might help another tall person looking at Cube frame sizes.