2021 Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 500 eMountain Bike


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United Kingdom
Hi Guys

I need to get back into riding for my own health and mental health....

I want an E Bike for trails, some red over Cannock Chase but don't do jumps - Im 22 stone.......

Would this be stupid of me to invest in? Should I go for something else especially not a Hybrid?


Athens, Greece
Thank you!

According to Cube, the maximum structural weight of those frames is 135kg. This includes the bike, the rider, any backpacks and accessories like lights, waterbottles, etc
So you will be way above that. I will look for their official weight guide but I think that Cube has no model above 145kg for this year. So its a no go.

It will be a quest, and you should start communicating with manufacturers to see their suggestions.

German brand Reise & Muller is a good candidate as they overbuild everything (and have some MTBs in their model line) but I think even they declare a total system weight around 155-160 on their heavy duty configuration.
Might be even less than that this year. And they are very very expensive :(