2021 Evo AM 3 Issue


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I purchased a brand new bulls evo am 3 last week and have run into an issue. After putting together rode around for 20 minutes. went to plug it in to charge, and bang flashing red light on charger. Bike no longer turned on even though battery supposedly had 2 bars left. I took to local bulls dealer, he called bulls said its a normal issue and needed a software update. He did it at shop charged it over night. Picked up and rode around the neighborhood. Rode it the second day also. I plugged it in to charge for a ride the next day, and bang flashing red light again on charger. Bike will not turn on again!! I have a 50 pound paper weight sitting in my garage. Has anyone else had this issue? Please help. I really dont wanna deal with trying to pack this thing up and sending back to shop.


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So after you hook up your bike to the charger the display goes out and no longer turns on? Sounds like something funky is happening during the charge cycle. If you remove and reinsert the battery, does your display come back on? Also, reset your charger by unplugging it from the outlet side and letting the charger LED's die out. Reconnect it directly to the battery (not the charge port on the bike), does it accept charge or flash red?