2021 Mid-Year New Models ?


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This is the tail end of the 2021 launch season, and the big bike shows normally happen before Oct/Nov/Dec. They need months to tool, built, ship, etc, so releasing a new model in spring would be all but impossible to stock en-masse for that riding season. The retailers look to the bike shows to plan their stock and orders for the following year, and those orders have all gone in by now.

There are traditionally some spring bike shows where you can handle and test ride those new models for the first time, but COVID will probably kill all the 2021 shows too. And by that time, you would be lucky to actually find one you could buy that year.

With all the supply shortages this year and last, most new model year stock has been sold out by April/May, with just the most basic bikes available on the shop floor. If you really want one, shop soon. Otherwise you'll be facing September delivery.


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I was just curious . I seem to recall there were new product announcement / releases in Spring at SeaOtter .


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The 2020 Sea Otter Classic was postponed from April to October and then canceled entirely, but it's now scheduled from May 20-23, 2021. ;)